Hüsrev Gerede Cad. 34365 No: 100 Kat:3 – 4 Teşvikiye /İstanbul -Türkiye
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  Edpa Kimya was established in March 1990 to import and sell paint to the developing Turkish Textile Sector. Firman's partners include Akın Holding, Feza Holding, Hüseyin Koç, Ibrahim Çelebi and Hasan E. Essen. The other shares of the firm were shared among the Akin Family and other private persons.

   Edpa Kimya was first introduced as Oh-Young Industrial Co. Ltd. in Korede with imported reactive cotton dyes. started with his firm. Later, the product range was T & T Industrial Corparation (Taiwan) and Sinochem (China) for basic paints; for reactive cotton dyes Chika Overseas Pvt. Ltd. (India). Today, Edpa Kimya is one of the leading textile dye importer companies in Turkey which imports from South East Asia Region which can provide a wide variety of textile industry.