Çırpıcı Veliefendi Yolu, No: 49, Merter – Osmanbey, Bakırköy, İstanbul,Türkiye
+90 212 543 64 40

   Aktek Giyim was established in 1995 by Akın Tekstil, Akın Holding, Haydar Akın Holding and members of the Akın Family. Aktek was initially established to market ready-to-wear clothing and to act as a factory outlet store for Akın Tekstil and other companies within the Group.

   Knowing the importance of customer satisfaction, Aktek Giyim is an outstanding source within the Group for its creations of new fabrics and garments by taking the end user s needs and reactions into consideration.
On May 2006 Aktek Giyim also started manufacturing in the field of apparel on a site of 40,000m2 open area and 7379m2 covered area, located in the Iğdır / Samatlar village in the Arac district of the Kastamonu province.

    The fact that Kastamonu is of primary importance in terms of regional development incentives was an encouraging factor in choosing Kastamonu as a manufacturing site and providing economic contribution by fostering employment in the neighboring cities, districts and villages is conforms to Akın Holdings.

    The current production capacity of 50,000 units per month is planned to be raised to 70,000. Product range entails trousers, Bermuda shorts, shorts and jackets. The site houses the facilities of modeling, classifying, workshop, delivery and fabrics and will be expanded with final control, ironing and packaging facilities.

    Since the opening date, the company has been moving forward with the approach of increased production and higher quality in all its activities including production, organization and staff training.