The roots of our business philosophy lie in the transfer of our local textile business in Buldan to Istanbul by my father, Rüştü Akın, in the 1930's and this philosophy has enabled us to grow with increasing scale into a holding company in the early 1980's with interests in industry, trade, finance and construction.
We owe our success to uncompromised business ethics, loyalty and commitment to all our clients and business partners, to management as well as to effective, well-planned and productive performance.
Our priority is to excel in what we do and to be the leader in our fields. In this context, we strive to enable the right environment that will promote creativity and innovation in our Group Companies. We also aim to be a best practice company of our country with our modern management techniques and experience in corporate governance.
We have always remembered to put forth responsibility to our country and have been contributing generously to social and community-oriented projects. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my esteemed colleagues, partners as well as my family and I am honored to present to you our Group Companies.